Foresight. Insight.

Follow through.

Great films only come from great planning.

If you need someone who can capture cinema- style footage for one of your projects, or someone who handles every aspect of video production, I’m here to help. Let’s chat about how I can make your vision come alive.

I work hands-on with you to conceptualise your vision and come up with the best way to make it a reality. From location scouting, to shoot schedules, filming, to editing, sound mixing and colour grading - every process draws on decades of industry experience and lessons hard-won.

No surprises. No costly delays. Just captivating results for maximum impact.

The Production Process


Pre-production means everything for the success of a project. This is the time to dream big. It’s where we transform your thoughts into a cohesive and compelling story, develop ideas and translate your message into visuals. I start by understanding your brand and your story, your goals and communication challenges. Locations, cast, visuals, sound design, and music are then drawn together to make sure your concept comes to life in an original and imaginative way.


The Shoot

Shooting should be fun, not stressful. I bring a positive and professional attitude to the set to get the best out of our time. I'm armed with the right technical tools from cine camera and lenses to lighting, bringing my intuitive nature to ensure no opportunity to capture a beautiful moment is missed. I have a directive, focused yet down-to-earth approach which means I show up on set 100% prepared to capture stunning shots to tell your story.


Post Production

Music, pace, colour, and emotion - this is where everything comes together. Capturing footage is one important piece of the puzzle, but editing everything into an extraordinary film takes special skills - I have them. My extensive video post-production experience covers editing, colour correction, sound mixing/design, and more. Like the iconic musical score of Harry Potter or distinct visual language of Black Swan, this is where true magic is woven into your vision.